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Ohio’s Suicide Prevention Coalitions


Ohio hosts a vast network of suicide prevention coalitions representing counties across the state. Currently over 80 of Ohio’s 88 counties are represented by 54 suicide prevention coalitions.


Coalitions - Together Stronger

Ohio suicide prevention coalitions bring together key community members from areas essential to suicide prevention at the local level. Coalitions make local decisions on their county needs related to suicide prevention and the most effective strategies, programs, and resources to use in addressing those needs. Coalitions do a variety of projects across the state, ranging from conducting local needs assessments on suicide prevention to hosting local campaigns to implementing suicide prevention programming, events, and trainings.



OSPF supports these coalitions by providing ongoing technical assistance and training opportunities for coalitions, providing regular communication on important news and information related to suicide prevention, offering yearly suicide prevention mini-grants for which coalitions can apply, hosting annual suicide prevention summits for coalitions, & maintaining an up-to-date contact list of coalition leaders.


If you are interested in learning more on the purpose, activities, and programs of coalitions, please email with your overall questions.


If you are interested in joining a local suicide prevention coalition, please use our interactive Suicide Prevention Resource Map to click on your county of interest. A local coalition contact with name, email, and/or phone number is available for each county with an active suicide prevention coalition.


Please click here for a list of Ohio’s suicide prevention coalitions.

Coalition Mini-Grants:

In State Fiscal Year 2019, OSPF was able to offer 12 suicide prevention coalitions mini-grants to support their ongoing suicide prevention efforts. Please find a map of State Fiscal Year 2019 mini-grant awardees below. You can also access a list of mini-grant awardees by clicking here.


Over the years, these mini-grants have funded suicide prevention gatekeeper training, suicide prevention campaigns, mental health awareness events, means matter events, coalition development activities, and more. If you are interested in learning more on Ohio Suicide Prevention Coalition Mini-Grants, email


2019 Winter-Spring Mini-Grant Awardees