Advocacy in Action Series: The Story of Prevention Advocacy in Colorado

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation is dedicated to being advocates for mental health and suicide prevention. We are honored to have Susan Marine, PhD and Advocacy Chair of the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado Board speak on the efforts taken by advocates in Colorado to effect change in their state.

Susan Marine came to Colorado, with her new graduate degree (family and medical sociology), to join the faculty of the CU Health Sciences Center. She later worked for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, where she became interested in legislative advocacy. Thereafter she worked as a consultant doing research and policy analysis related to health and mental health.

Her life changed dramatically in 2003 when her son, Kevin, died by suicide. Before that she knew little about suicide. In 2007 her daughter, Alice, took her own life – using the same means as Kevin did. These extraordinary losses resulted in Susan’s vow to do whatever she could to spare other parents this experience. She has found her voice advocating for suicide prevention legislation.

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