LOSS Teams


Ohio Local Outreach of Suicide Survivor (LOSS) Teams:

LOSS Team map of participating Ohio Counties

Ohio hosts a strong network of Local Outreach of Suicide Survivor (LOSS) Teams representing counties across the state. Currently 24 of Ohio’s 88 counties are represented by 17 LOSS Teams. 5 Regional LOSS Team Trainings are being hosted in 2019 to continue to grow this network of LOSS Teams in Ohio.


To learn about upcoming LOSS Team Trainings, visit OSPF’s Calendar of Events.


LOSS Teams support ongoing community postvention efforts:
postvention = activities implemented after a death by suicide in a community in order to reduce the risk of additional deaths by suicide. Postvention activities often take the form of support for the bereaved (family, friends, professionals and peers).


LOSS Teams provide outreach and support to survivors of suicide loss in their communities. LOSS Teams are made up of survivors of suicide LOSS, behavioral health professionals, and other concerned community members. The type of outreach and support provided by LOSS Teams differ across Ohio, but key services provided by LOSS Teams include:

  • Crisis response outreach when a death by suicide occurs. LOSS Team volunteers trained in crisis response will visit the location of a suicide death and provide support to loved ones in the immediate hours after they have lost someone to suicide.
  • Ongoing outreach to suicide loss survivors. LOSS Team volunteers will visit with individuals affected by a suicide death in the days following that loss. LOSS Team volunteers will also help prepare support resources and mail or deliver them to loss survivors.
  • Host bereavement events in their communities. LOSS Teams will host annual or periodic memorial days or bereavement events, whereby they can safely bring together community members who have experienced a suicide loss. These events support the healthy grieving process of individuals who attend.
  • Facilitate Survivors of Suicide Support Groups. LOSS Teams will often lead, house, or support ongoing support groups for survivors of Suicide LOSS. These support groups are facilitated in conjunction with mental health professionals and feature high-quality grief resources. 

To learn about the activities conducted by your local LOSS Team, visit our interactive LOSS Team Map and reach out to your local LOSS contact.


OSPF supports LOSS Teams by providing ongoing technical assistance and training opportunities for new and existing LOSS Teams, providing regular communication on important news and information related to suicide postvention, offering yearly suicide postvention mini-grants for which coalitions & LOSS Teams can apply, hosting annual suicide prevention-postvention summits for coalitions & LOSS Teams, & maintaining an up-to-date contact list of LOSS Team leaders.


If you are interested in learning more on the purpose, activities, and programs of LOSS Teams, please email Support@ohiospf.org with your questions.


If you are interested in joining a local LOSS Team, please use our interactive LOSS Team map to click on your county of interest. You will find a LOSS Team contact with name, email, and/or phone number for each county with an active LOSS Team.


Postvention Mini-Grants:

In State Fiscal Year 2019, OSPF was able to offer 9 postvention mini-grants to support locally-based postvention efforts by both Suicide Prevention Coalitions & LOSS Teams. Please find a map of State Fiscal Year 2019 postvention mini-grant awardees below. You can also access a list of mini-grant awardees by clicking here.


Over the years, these mini-grants have funded and/or supported the purchase of materials necessary for the launch or maintenance of a LOSS Team, bereavement and support resources given to suicide loss survivors as well as LOSS Team volunteers, implementation of Survivors of Suicide LOSS Support Groups, and hosting of bereavement events . If you are interested in learning more on Ohio Postvention Mini-Grants, email support@ohiospf.org