Man Therapy

Man Therapy®


Man Therapy is a web-based male mental health awareness initiative that seeks to empower men to take ownership of their mental health and overall wellness by increasing help-seeking behavior and educating men on everyday strategies they can use to maintain positive mental health.

Did you know that suicide rates in Ohio are roughly 4 times greater for adult males than adult females? The Man Therapy campaign features marketing materials and messages specifically targeting the male population (21-54), Ohio’s veteran population, and Ohio’s first responder population.

Man Therapy - Sometimes life's dog takes a dump on your lawn.

The campaign aims to reduce stigma surrounding mental health in the male population by providing adult men with strategies, resources, and witty humor to encourage positive coping skills. Loved ones of men can also benefit from the talking points, strategies, and PSAs designed to educate website visitors on mental health.

OSPF has made Man Therapy campaign materials available for free download and dissemination in Ohio HERE. Ultimately, the campaign seeks to reduce suicides in adult men, veterans, and other high-risk populations.

Man Therapy website resources feature a fictional “Man Therapist” named Dr. Rich Mahogany to engage men in conversations about mental health:

  • Dr. Mahogany is a “man’s man” who is dedicated to cutting through the denial with a fresh approach using his rapier wit, odd sense of humor, straightforward demeanor, and practical, useful advice for men.
  • Debunks the age-old stigma that says mental health disorders are an unmanly sign of weakness
  • Points men (and those close to the men) to useful resources and information

Visit and take the 20-point Head Inspection, a brief mental health assessment. Afterward, based on your results, you will be presented with various mental health resources.
Curious about the development of Man Therapy and its outcomes? Read its White Paper or check out this video: