Suicide Prevention Coalition Partnership

Suicide Prevention Coalition Partnership

The Suicide Prevention Coalition Partnership (SPCP) was born out of a need to connect suicide prevention coalitions across Ohio. SPCP provides coalitions an opportunity to connect and share ideas, talk about local success, ask for help, and receive additional training in suicide prevention best practices. Membership with the partnership requires that you serve on your local suicide prevention coalition. If you would like to get in touch with your local coalition visit our coalition map for contact information.

Assessing the Strengths and Needs of Ohio’s Suicide Prevention Coalitions:

At OSPF we believe in the power of coalitions. We also believe that successful coalitions are grounded in suicide prevention and coalition best practices with research-based evidence of effectiveness. In partnership with Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Youth Thrive Training & Consulting, OSPF is engaging in a process that will assess the strengths and needs of Ohio’s suicide prevention coalitions. This assessment will help us to understand the challenges you are facing in your community and advance local coalitions statewide for a more powerful collective impact on suicide rates in Ohio. I ask you to help us with this process.

Your coalition’s assessment responses will be utilized to:

  • Develop virtual trainings that will be open to all of Ohio’s suicide prevention coalitions.
  • Inform statewide planning.
  • Inform what we advocate for as a state.
  • Prioritize funding.


Your participation in the assessment makes your coalition eligible to receive FREE and individualized coaching and technical assistance that will help you to overcome any challenges you may be experiencing. Your responses on the assessment are anonymous and confidential unless you choose to participate in these coaching sessions, in which your responses will then be used to develop an individualized plan for your coalition.