SSOSPC-Initiative Resources

Initiative Resources

Strengthening & Sustaining Ohio’s Suicide Prevention Coalition Initiative

Coalition Work
CDC Seven Strategies for Suicide Prevention– These strategies, as identified by the CDC, include: (1) strengthening economic supports; (2) strengthening access and delivery of suicide care; (3) creating protective environments; (4) promoting connectedness; (5) teaching coping and problem-solving skills; (6) identifying and supporting people at risk; and (7) lessening harms and preventing future risk.

Safe Messaging
Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention: Framework for Successful Messaging – The Framework for Successful Messaging is a resource to help people messaging about suicide to develop messages that are strategic, safe, positive, and make use of relevant guidelines and best practices. It was created by the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention(link is external) as part of its focus on changing the public conversation about suicide.
Suicide Reporting Recommendations: Media as Partners in Suicide Prevention

Ohio Public Data Warehouse – The Ohio Public Health Data Warehouse is a self-service online tool where anyone can obtain the most recent public health data available about Ohio.
2018- Data- Rates, Numbers, and Rankings of Each State– The American Association of Suicidology makes available a summary of national suicide statistics as soon as they become available from the National Center for Health Statistics. The most current statistics are from the year 2018.

Working together to enhance the work of suicide prevention coalitions across Ohio