OSPF has highlighted a few key statistics below and provided links which will take individuals to in-depth Ohio data sources which they can access, free of charge, and learn more about this “on going mental health crisis”, Governor Mike DeWine.

The following statistics are the latest numbers provided by Ohio Department of Health.

Number of suicides in Ohio in 2018

In 2018:

Adults aged 45-64

had the highest rate of suicide

387 women died

by suicide

Males are 4X

likely to die by suicide than women

5 people die

by suicide everyday

Every number of hours a youth dies by suicide in Ohio

From 2007 to 2018 in Ohio

Increase in the rate of youth (10-24 yrs old) suicide 64.4%
Increase in the rate among black, non-hispanic males 53.8%
Increase in the number of suicides by firearm 48.5%

At least the number of Ohio adults who have lived with a mental illness


Only a small percentage of them received mental health services