Veteran Resources

Veteran and Active Duty Resources

The following are resources for veterans and active duty military.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Partners: ONG and the Veterans, Service Members, and their Families Committee hosted by NAMI Ohio

MHFA is a full day training that provides education on mental health, skills to recognize peer distress, and confidence to provide support and refer individuals to metal health services when needed. These MHFA Trainings are hosted by veterans and service members and aim to reach service members and their families in each region of Ohio.

Contact Austin Lucas for more information on training.

Star Behavioral Health Provider (SBHP) Training

The SOG Project also offers 4 Tier 1, SBHP Trainings annually through 2021 focused on equipping mental health providers, health-care providers, faith leaders, social service workers, and others serving military members with education on working effectively with military members. SBHP trains civilian providers in military specific culture and services that focus on the needs of the military population.

Contact Austin Lucas for more information on training.

Together Strong App

Download for free with an Ohio zip code. Search “Join Together Strong”

Together Strong provides virtual gatekeeper training designed specifically for military members and veterans. Provides an introduction to mental health, strategies/tips for having helpful conversations with peers, and practice having those conversations through simulations.

Man Therapy


Download Man Therapy materials:

Man Therapy is a web-based male mental health awareness initiative that seeks to empower men to take ownership of their mental health and overall wellness by increasing help-seeking behavior and educating men on everyday strategies they can use to maintain positive mental health.

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