Webinar- Reduce Suicidal Risk with A.I. Powered Listening

Reduce Suicidal Risk with A.I Powered Listening

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Recorded October 7, 2020 Presented by Marci Campbell, Don Wright, and Dr. Jennifer Wright-Berryman of Clarigent Health

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Marci Campbell, Don Wright, and Jennifer Wright-Berryman, PhD discuss the importance of bringing quantitative data & objective metrics into clinical care Clarigent Health will demonstrate Clairity, a new clinical decision support tool that analyzes speech with artificial intelligence (AI) trained to identify suicidal risk.

About the Presenters

Marci Campbell, Vice President Products

Marci is a creative and innovative Technology Product Solutions Leader with expertise in product development, product marketing and educational instruction.  Prior to joining Clarigent Health, Marci consulted for 3 years as a technical product manager for several Cincinnati startups providing strategic guidance and day to day agile execution in the development of educational services, food and beverage tracking, and fitness content services.

Before that, she spent 10 years at Knovation Learning as the VP of Solutions.

Don Wright, Cheif Executive Officer

Don brings decades of informatics and healthcare leadership to Clarigent Health.   Prior to Clarigent, he spent the past decade growing Assurex Health from technology invented at Mayo Clinic and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to a company of over 500 employees serving almost one million people with mental health conditions. Assurex Health was acquired in 2016 by Myriad Genetics then allowing Don to use his more than 25 years of experience to assist others turning their ideas into hyper-growth companies.

Jennifer Wright-Berryman, PhD

Dr. Wright-Berryman received her PhD in social work from Indiana University School of Social Work, with a PhD minor in Epidemiology from the Indiana University Department of Public Health in the IU School of Medicine. Dr. Wright-Berryman began teaching at UC Blue Ash in 2013 and developed the pre-social work program there. She then moved to the UC School of Social Work the fall of 2014. Dr. Wright-Berryman’s research interests involve adolescent and adult suicide, severe mental disorders, and physcial health among adults with severe mental disorders. Currently, Dr. Wright-Berryman co-leads a research team studying the effectiveness of a peer-to-peer, school-based, suicide prevention program called Hope Squad (www.hopesquad.com). Dr. Wright-Berryman also works diligently in several communities on suicide prevention efforts, including grassroots initiatives and policy change that could enhance the mental health programming in schools and communities.