Saving Lives Until Not One Life Is Lost

The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation is a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to prevent one of our most preventable causes of death: suicide. Our work includes reducing the stigma of suicide, promoting evidence-based prevention strategies, and raising awareness about suicide’s relationship to mental illness, alcohol, drug abuse, and other issues.

Our community-based programs and best-practice resources are specifically designed to improve mental health across the state. Thanks to a combination of education, training, and support, we’re helping all of Ohio’s communities reduce the risk of suicide and lessen its effects on family, friends, and neighbors.

Our team is available to provide information and education, or to connect you to any of our programs, services, and resources. For more information, call 614-429-1528 or email

Importance of Talking about Suicide

Meet our Team


Executive Director: Tony Coder


Associate Director: Mary Wolff


Program Director: Austin Lucas


Communications Director: Keiko Talley


Program Manager/Veteran Liaison: Jason Hughes


Youth Program & Policy Manager: Evi Roberts

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Communications Assistant: Marra Aldredge