About OSPF

About OSPF


The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation is an Ohio 501c3 not-for-profit organization that works to bring about changes in attitudes and perceptions surrounding suicide and its relationship to mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, and other issues. We believe suicide is a preventable public health issue, and act as a catalyst for and steward of suicide prevention activities across the state.

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OSPF supports community-based efforts that reduce stigma, promote education, and increase awareness, resources and programs that lessen the risk of suicide. We do that by building relationships with community members, groups, organizations, businesses, education systems and policymakers, and raising awareness of mental health concerns, sharing and promoting evidence-based suicide prevention practices, encouraging supportive actions following a suicide, and improving the capacity of our state to prevent suicides in the future.


We work with stakeholders across the state to develop and implement a State of Ohio Suicide Prevention Plan. The plan is designed to assist communities with local suicide prevention efforts as well as provide guidance for policies and best practices at the state level to reduce suicides and suicide attempts.


Our goal is to ensure that all Ohio communities have the resources and capacity to reduce the risk of suicide among their residents, lessen the effects of suicide on our families and communities, and improve mental health statewide.

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View the OSPF Strategic Plan

View the OSPF Strategic Plan

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