Your Dollars Will Save Lives

Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation is on the frontline of suicide prevention, helping raise awareness, coordinating advocacy resources, and supporting community-based strategies to reduce the risk of suicide and support those impacted by it. We depend on generous donors like you to help supplement our state and federal grant funding.

  • $10 Donation

    Shares the story of your loved ones struggle with suicide/suicidal thoughts

  • $25 Donation

    Trains 1 teacher through the process of talking to a student at-risk for suicide or mental distress

  • $100 Donation

    Trains 1 behavioral health provider to collaborate with patients in the treatment of their suicidality

  • $150 Donation

    Trains a clinician in identifying suicide risks and boost their confidence in reducing suicidal behaviors

  • $500 Donation

    Educates 6,900 people on suicides in targeted demographics

  • $1,000 Donation

    Trains 35 veterans and families how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness

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