Survivor of Suicide Loss Support Group

For some suicide loss survivors, participation in a support group is felt to be their only access to people who they feel can understand them.

The goal of a suicide loss support group is to help loss survivors learn to cope. They do this by listening to others and sharing (if they choose) in a safe space. Most groups listed here are support groups and not therapy groups. The goal of a therapy group is to help loss survivors change and are generally led by a professionally qualified therapist or counselor.


This process can be a lot for someone who just lost a loved one to suicide. For those attending a support group here are some questions to consider asking the facilitator of the group ahead of time:

  • When and where does the group meet?
  • Does the group meet in person or virtually?
  • Is there a cost?
  • Is the group facilitated by another suicide loss survivor or a mental health professional?
  • Is registration required before I can attend?
  • Is this an open group – anyone can drop in anytime – or is this a closed group for a set period of time?
  • Is there a specific topic or agenda that is followed at each meeting?
  • Will I be required to speak/share?

Please note these survivors of suicide loss support groups are not overseen or endorsed by the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation.


Counties in white currently do not have a group.