OSPF History

OSPF History


October 1998

Ohio Department of Mental Health appointed an eight member team attended the National Suicide Prevention Conference sponsored by SAMHSA & SPAN.


Ohio assisted in drafting the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent Suicide.


Ohio Coaition for Suicide Prevention and Ohio Department of Mental Health created a Partnership.

January 2001

Release of Report of Ohio’s Mental Health Commission including recommendation that Ohio should build an initiative to reduce suicides.

July 2001

Ohio Coalition for Suicide Prevention hosted a Strategic Planning Session with stakeholders from all over Ohio.

Fall 2001

Six Regional forums across Ohio were conducted to identify and convene local leadership in public health, mental health, academia, faith and survivor communities. The forums were attended by 300+ individuals and a 5 year framework for Ohio’s Suicide Prevention plan was developed.


Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH) launched an initiative to address suicide prevention at the local level. This initiative was lead by the creation of the Ohio Suicide Prevention Team (OSPT), a group of agency designees and volunteers dedicated to building “local coalitions in each of Ohio’s counties. With the support of the OSPT, the ownership and responsibility for suicide prevention were transferred to community-based coalitions, making it possible for each of the local coalitions to focus on its unique needs. After having successfully established 41 local coalitions covering 48 of Ohio’s 88 counties through mid-2004, the need for a dedicated, centralized suicide prevention organization became apparent. Under the leadership of ODMH the process of creating a Foundation was begun.

May 2002

Ohio’s Suicide Prevention Plan was launched.

September 2002

Implementation of goals and objectives at the state and local levels initiated.

August 2004

Ohio’s Suicide Prevention Plan Progress Report was released.

October of 2004

The OSPT engaged a consulting firm to create the business plan for the Foundation. In order to achieve the goal of creating the business plan by June 30, 2005, a team-based planning process was developed to facilitate the participation and commitment of the team members. The teams included a wide range of stakeholders and were led by a Co-Lead from the OSPT and a member of the business community contributing her or his expertise as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). This combination served to harness the commitment of suicide prevention advocates and leverage the knowledge of the Subject Matter Experts to create a powerful process. By engaging a broad range of stakeholders in the teams from a variety of public agencies and private sector businesses in creating the business plan, the hope was that their participation would contribute to raising suicide prevention from a mental health to a public health issue. With these stakeholders’ on-going engagement, their efforts will promote and sustain the Foundation.

October 2005

Launch of the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation at The Ohio State University.

December 2005

Ohio’s Suicide Prevention Plan Progress Report Released.

July 2006

Ohio’s Columbia University TeenScreen Program Coordinator joined the ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation staff.

October 2006

The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation received the SAMHSA Garrett Lee Smith Grant.


In 2007 the Ohio suicide Prevention Foundation has funded 56 Suicide Prevention Coalitions covering 65 counties across Ohio of which 42 Coalitions were funded in 2007 for a total of $148,603.

In collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education the Foundation created a Safety and Violence Prevention Curriculum to be used as a training tool for Ohio School Professionals, teachers, nurses, school counselors etc. The Curriculum covers depression, suicide prevention, alcohol and drug use/abuse, bullying and violence and child abuse.