Interprofessional Education Suicide Prevention College Curriculum

Most of the time licensed counselors, clinicians, and other behavioral health providers do not receive adequate suicide prevention education and training. However, these are the professionals that individuals experiencing a suicidal crisis often seek out.

OSPF along with The University of Cincinnati, Old Dominion University, & the University of North Carolina at Charlotte have created this course for colleges and Universities to offer their undergraduate and graduate health profession students. OSPF is offering this course and all its materials to interested institutions willing to provide this course as in person, online, or blended in its entirety.

Elijah’s story:

It is our goal to normalize talking about mental health conditions and suicide in order to prevent loosing more lives. Watch as N’Shay and her son Elijah sit down and have the tough conversation.

NBC4i / Dec 15, 2020 / 01:58 PM EST