Assessing & Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR) for Outpatient Providers

May 19, 2023

Event Time: 9am - 5pm ET

Athens Community Center

701 E State Street

Athens, OH 45701

THE OHIO SUICIDE PREVENTION FOUNDATION (OSPF) invites you to this 1-day workshop designed to train outpatient treatment providers in how to recognize and assess suicide risk, plan for client safety, and manage the ongoing care of at-risk patients/clients. Josephine Ridley, Ph.D., AMSR Master Trainer, will educate on the effective prevention of client suicide. Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR®) for Health and Behavioral Health Professionals Working in Outpatient Settings (AMSR-Outpatient) formulation model and helps clinicians feel confident navigating challenging conversations about suicide. AMSR offers key strategies for providing compassionate care to people at risk for suicide.