Psychological Autopsy Certification Training (PACT)

Jan 10 - 13, 2022

Event Time: 3pm-5:15pm ET


This 4-day workshop helps promote understandings to the often-asked “why?” question raised by survivors regarding the suicide of their loved one. PACT is used in case-control research studies to better ascertain risk factors for suicide, and helps to answer questions of causation in both individual cases or suicide and interconnections between cases.

Registrants must possess a minimum of a Master’s degree in a social sciences/behavioral health field OR alternative training in interviewing skills and a behavioral science background OR current employment/volunteer activities consistent with the opportunity to conduct psychological autopsies (a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is required prior to registering), e.g. law enforcement, medical examiner system, etc. If applicants are unsure whether they meet the minimum requirement for admission to the training course, they may submit a cover letter and copy of CV to and a case-by-case decision regarding eligibility will be made.