Special Coalition Partnership Meeting

Feb 01, 2022

Event Time: 11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

“Engaging and Incorporating Veterans in Coalition Work” presented by Veteran Affairs cohorts Christa Page and Sherri Jordan

When you look at your coalition membership, do you wonder who you could invite to the table to make an impact in your community? Do you wonder who would work hard to support your suicide prevention efforts and who might reach populations that you love to influence? Veterans are likely a perfect fit for this description! Veterans come from all walks of life, and have rich lived experience, but also share a common set of characteristics that will be invaluable to your coalition and outreach efforts. The latest statistics tell us that 17 Veterans die everyday by suicide. Come and listen to practical tips and information on where to find Veterans, understand a little more about military culture, and allow that knowledge to guide your approach and recruitment of Veterans to your coalition efforts. Christa Page and Sherri Jordan of the Department of Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention Program will talk to us about how to find Veterans who may be just as passionate about suicide prevention as you are, how to engage them and how to leverage the strengths they bring to your table.