It may feel like suicide is the only way to escape the way you’re feeling, but it’s not. Many, many people have felt the same emotional pain you’re experiencing right now and have found a happier, healthier path forward. It is possible. That’s something suicide can’t offer. It doesn’t give you the chance to feel better and live fully. But you can. There are options.

Talk to someone.

It may not seem like anyone else could possibly understand what you’re feeling, but almost everyone has been through something incredibly difficult. Pain. Loss. Despair. Depression. Knowing that truth, sharing your feelings and hearing about their experiences can help.


If you’re in crisis, call your local hotline. There are caring people there right now who understand your feelings and will take you seriously. They’re people you can trust and who want to help.


Talk to someone you trust. Maybe it’s a parent, a friend, a neighbor, a teacher, a counselor, a clergy member, a physician or a co-worker. Anyone you trust and have confidence in can help. And they’ll almost certainly do so willingly. Even if they’re close to you, they may not know or understand how deep the pain you’re feeling goes. But it’s important that someone know the truth and have the chance to help. You’ll be surprised how much trusting someone and sharing your feelings can help.

Get help from a professional.

If talking with someone close to you doesn’t resolve the issue quickly and lead you away from feelings of depression and despair, get help from a professional. There are public and private psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors and others who have experience working with people who suffer from depression. You can contact them through family physicians, crisis centers, community mental health centers, hospital Emergency Rooms, and insurance providers. Local mental health support organizations like the Mental Health Association, National Alliance on Mental Illness and others can put you in touch as well. These professionals specialize in working with people who are experiencing the feelings you’re feeling now. They’re not just trained to help; they want to help. And they will.

Talk to someone now.

Call 800-273-TALK (8255)


Text ‘4HOPE’ to 741741